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Apple iPad (the New iPad) Repair Services | Singapore | Are you searching for alternative choices to Authorise Apple iPad Service Centre in Singapore? We have got you covered! Call Us @ 6742-0877 for the New iPad Repair Enquiries!

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Apple - The new iPad Repair Services in Singapore!

Almost all Apple iPad Repair can be completed On The Spot Repair, and On The Same Day Collection - With Dedicated Team of Certified Repair Engineers, we are capable of Fast turnaround for the New iPad Repair, guaranteeing Effortlessness in engaging our Apple iPad Repair Services!

Technofied Vision is a full fledge IT Support company in Singapore, that is slated to provide an alternative choice to authorise apple service centre. Featuring state of the arts multi-million dollars infrastructures with dedicated repair facility, the complex is designed to repair the complete range of Apple computer products line, including Apple latest - The new iPad.

Premiering world class IT Supports Services for Apple Mac computer products, and industry first to support and repair The new iPad in Singapore - Technofied Vision Advance Repair Technology (ART) will restore all broken Apple iPad back to its Original Condition, within the Shortest Turnaround time and stringent sets of repair policies to ensure The new iPad will be repaired to the Highest Standards!

Call us today (65) 6742-0877 for The New iPad Repair Enquiries!




Apple - The new iPad Repair Services:

Apple new iPad Logicboard Repair Replacement

Apple new iPad Screen Replacement

The new iPad LCD Replacement

Other repair offerings for The new iPad include: Housing Replacement, Battery Replacement, On / Off Button Repair, Volume Button Repair, Home Button Replacement, Unable to Detect Sim, LogicBoard Repair, Charging Port Replacement


Complelling Reasons for Repairing The new iPad with us!

Our Advance Repair Technology (ART) will be fully employed on The new iPad Repair, and you will be ensured of the highest quality for The new iPad Repair work - Restoring to Original Condition and the Fastest Turnaround Time!

Technofied Vision Pte Ltd has built a reputation for class leading IT Support Services in Singapore, premiering world class IT Supports Services for Apple Computer Products. You can be assured The new iPad will be repaired and restored to Tip Top condition, as if there were new!

True dedicated repair facilities catered to service Apple Mac computer products. Customers are generally impress by our dedication of providing extreme high quality services and care for thier products.

Our rates for repairing The new iPad has been extremely reasonable, please feel free to contact us for evaluating your Apple iPad damages and we assure your Apple iPad can be repaired by us at a very reasonable pricing.


See What The Clienetele Says!

"I dropped and crack my Apple iPad Screen and I have gotten this company to fix a new replacement screen for me. I was able to get it back in less than 30mins... Superb!!! "


"Cracked Apple iPad Mini Screen and I got a new replacement parts from these guys.. It is as good as new after the crack screen has been replaced! They have stocked replacement parts even for such a brand new product!"


Call us today (65) 6742-0877 for The New iPad Repair Enquiries!



Complete Range of Apple Repair Services for The new iPad:

| Apple - The new iPad Logic Board Repair Replacement | Apple - The new iPad iOS System Troubleshooting | Apple - The new iPad broken LCD Panel Replacement Service | Apple - The new iPad Broken Glass Replacement | Apple - The new iPad Dented Casing / Housing / Enclosure Repair | Apple - The new iPad Powering Up Issues | Apple - The new iPad Water Damages | Apple - The new iPad Power On / Off Switch Repair |


One more thing to note: The engineers at our facility have sucessfully repaired many Apple iPad damages. Many IT vendors are taking your Apple iPad to learn repairing it when they do not have the competency. You are putting your Apple iPad on an extreme high risk. So please do take extra precaution when you are shopping for The new iPad Repair Services. Think before your shop for the right iPad Repair Service Provider, they will save your gadget a life!


Supporting the complete line of Apple Computer Products

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