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Professional HP Computer Repair services - Singapore Islandwide Computer Repair Services, Call +65 6742-0877 now!

We Repair all HP Notebook, Laptop and Desktop Computers avaliable in the market today!

Our team of highly competent and dedicated Laptop Repair Technicians are geared up to resolve any HP Laptop / Notebook related problem our customers encounter. Technofied Vision's HP Laptop Repair Services are available Singapore Island wide, guaranteeing effortlessness in engaging our laptop repair services!

Call us today and we will assign our team of Laptop Repair engineers to assist you in resolving any technical issues facing your HP laptop computer!

Dedicated team of Laptop Repair Technicians are professionally trained, and coupled with high level of technical know-how; you can be rest assured even the highest performance HP Laptops / Notebook , including HP Pavillion DV 6 Laptop can be repaired by us with ease!

Our years of experience in the Laptop Repair industry have gained us valuable insights to all Laptop Related problems - Supporting and Repairing the widest range of laptops / notebooks in the market today!

Our technicians have sucessfully repaired all model of HP Laptop / Notebook avaliable in the market today! HP laptop / notebook we have repaired include and not limited to: HP DV2000, DV6000 DV9000 Laptop, HP Pavillion DV3, DV6, DV7 Laptop, HP TouchSmart Laptop, HP Pavillion DM4, HP G42 Laptop, HP Envy 14, Envy 17 Laptop, HP Compaq Presario CQ Laptop, HP NX Laptop...

YES! You found an experienced team of Laptop Repair Specialists that can assist you in repairing any Laptop / Notebook faults that you have stumbled upon!

One can be rest assured faulty HP Laptop / Notebook are repaired and restored to life by us within the shortest possible time, guaranteeing outmost customer satisfaction with our repair work!

Our experience allows us to diagnose and resolve any laptops fault swiftly and with ease! Operating 24/7 weekly, Express On-Site Response at a Reasonable & Flexible Rate! Your can be rest assured your Laptop or Notebook can be repaired by us in no time!

Today, Technofied vision's services are highly valued by clienteles form Home, SOHO, SME and Enterprises. Those referred customers exceeding 70% of total customers base, can't be wrong!

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+ 65 6742-0877


Our Support Hotline allows you to describe the computer fault to our Technical Support Officer so we can schedule a visit to your home or workplace winthin shortest time possible.


HP Laptop Repair Services for all model:

We Repair the entire range of HP Laptop Notebook Computer | HP DV 2000 Laptop Repair | HP DV 3000 Laptop Repair | HP DV6000 Laptop Repair | HP DV 9000 Laptop Repair | HP Pavillion DV 6 Laptop Repair | HP Pavillion DV 7 Laptop Repair | HP Pavillion DV 3 Laptop Repair | HP Pavillion DM 4 Laptop Repair | HP G 42 Series Laptop Repair | HP TouchSmart Notebook Laptop Repair Service | HP Envy 14 Laptop Repair | HP Envy 17 Laptop Repair | HP Compaq CQ Series Laptop Repair | HP NX Laptop Repair | Services Avaliable Singapore Islanwide


  Computer repair - Singapore Islandwide 24hrs

These services and solutions are subdivided into these following categories:

  • HP Laptop Motherboard / Logic board Repair or Replacement
  • HP Laptop LCD, LED Screen Replacement / Repair
  • HP Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery / Replacement
  • HP Laptop Keyboard Replacement
  • HP Laptop Virus Attack / OS Crash troubleshooting

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