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We provide computer repair service for all brand & made - Repair HP / Sony Vaio / Compaq / Dell / IBM / Lenovo


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Singapore Computer PC Repair Service for Notebook / Laptop / Server / Personal Computer (PC) Express Onsite Singapore Islandwide

Your computer has broken down and you are frantically searching for a Computer repair service in Singapore?

We are a professional computer repair service provider in Singapore, equipped with highly competent, reliable and dedicated computer repair specialists ready to assist you in resolving any computer related repair work. For over 10 years and we are going strong!

We provide On-Site Computer Repair Services for any customers located in Singapore. Clienteles using our compair repair services comes from all demographics - SOHO / SME / MNC / International clienteles

computer repair service

Our Computer Repair Service includes:

* Computer hardware & software repair and troubleshooting

* Computer PC, Laptop & Server repair and system upgrading

* Computer network repair and troubleshooting service

* Annual Maintenance Contract for computer repair

* We repair Apple Macbook, Macbook Pro & iMac Computer too!

Still not convince that we are an ideal computer repair service provider and need more reasons why you should use our Computer repair and troubleshooting services?

(1) Our Technical IT support staffs are technically trained and highly skilled with years of working experiences in the IT business segment. Most of them are Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) and Microsoft certified
professional (MCP)

(2) We have been in IT Support and Computer Repair / Troubleshooting services for over 10 years and have been highly regarded in the computer industry. Full fledge Computer Repair facilities fully dedicated to repair work, unlike many computer repair service man who is on Freelance basis that do not have the proper place for their customers.

(3) Our years of experience in this industry have gained us valuable insights to all aspects of computing problems for your PC, Notebook and Servers. (All brands & made) Our experience allows us to diagnose and resolve most system faults swiftly.

Other IT Services:

System Troubleshooting, System Upgrade & Integration, Mission Critical Server & Networking Services, Laptop LCD replacement services, Motherboard Repair, Apple Macbook and iMac repair services

Services mentioned above are examples but not limited to those. So please contact us for further details about our Computer Repair Services avaliable for Singapore and International Clienteles.


Repair all brands of computers (PC repair, Notebook repair, Apple repair)

Desktop PC Computer Repair for brands including | Acer Computer Repair | Apple Macbook Pro Computer Repair | Compaq Computer Repair | Dell Computer Repair | Fujitsu Computer Repair | Gateway Computer Repair | Hitachi Computer Repair | HP Computer Repair | IBM Computer, Lenovo Computer Repair | NEC Computer Repair | Sharp Computer Repair | Sony Computer Repair | Toshiba Computer Repair | Alienware Computer Repair | All other Computer Repair Services - Singapore Islandwide

PC / notebook repair, Virus, windows, upgrade, wireless, networking, servers, data recovery, Singapore


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Our Support Hotline allows you to describe the system fault to our Technical Support Officer so we can schedule a visit to your home or workplace winthin shortest time possible.

Computer Laptop Notebook Repair Services for all brands including | Acer Laptop Repair | Apple Macbook Pro Repair | Compaq Laptop Repair | Dell Laptop Repair | Fujitsu Laptop Repair | Gateway Laptop Repair | Hitachi Laptop Repair | HP Laptop Repair | IBM Laptop, Lenovo Repair | NEC Laptop Repair | Sharp Laptop Repair | Sony Laptop Repair | Toshiba Laptop Repair | Alienware Laptop Repair | All other Computer Laptop / Notebook Repair Services - Singapore Islandwide



Laptop / Notebook Repair Services:

* Acer Laptop Repair Services
* Apple Laptop Repair Services
* Compaq Laptop Repair Services
* Dell Laptop Repair Services
* Fujitsu Laptop Repair Services
* Gateway Laptop Repair Services
* Hitachi Laptop Repair Services
* HP Laptop Repair Services
* HP Compaq Laptop Repair Services
* IBM Laptop Repair Services
* Lenovo Laptop Repair Services
* NEC Laptop Repair Services
* Sharp Laptop Repair Services
* Sony Laptop Repair Services
* Toshiba Laptop Repair Services

*AllienWare Laptop Repair Serives
* ALL Other Laptop Repair Services


  Computer repair - Singapore Islandwide 24hrs

Problems that you might be encountering and required our IT Support and PC Repair services -

  • CPU / Graphics VGA / Hard-disk Data Recovery / Network wireless connectivity
    issues / DVD optical drives / PC or Laptop Motherboard repairs
  • Internet explorer, Windows OS crashes - Require troubleshooting

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