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Are you looking for an IT specialist to repair your Apple iPad computer?

Being one of the first few customers to own an Apple iPad computer in town is certaintly proud to be! However, encountering technical issues with the latest Apple products, such as the Apple iPad computer, and finding qualified computer repair specialist who could repair your Apple iPad computer can be a challenge!

If you are find IT specialist who could repair or troubleshoot your Apple iPad computer, you have landed exactly at the right page! We are an Apple Computer Repair Service Provider - Qualifed and Competent with technical capability to troubleshoot and repair Apple's full range of computers, including the latest Apple iPad computer.

Please be aware not all IT Specialists are capable of providing repair services for Apple range of computer products! Do look out for vendors that has wide range of Apple repair capability, for the qualified Apple computer repair service provider to repair your Apple iPad computer today!

IT vendor without prior experience in Apple computer repairs, such as Apple iMac, Apple Macbook, Apple Macbook Pro, Apple Macbook Air, Apple Mac Pro and many more models, in our opinion should not attempt to repair an Apple iPad computer. This is because a computer specialist does not necessary qualify to be competent specialist in performing a repair job on an Apple computers, especially on the Apple iPad computer. Why?

The internal components of an Apple iPad computer are highly compact, fragile and sensitive, and often inexperience IT vendors find themselves having trouble fixing the Apple iPad Computer. Rather than repairing for an Apple iPad, they are creating more issues with the Apple iPad computers. Customer may have to end up scraping thier Apple iPad away.

The same thing goes for a car repair specialist who knows how to service a normal sedan, will not make him competent in repairing a sophisticated BMW 7 Series, which is a highly innovated products. Believe me not, any experience BMW 7 Series customers will not allow thier vehicle to be serviced by incompetent technicians. They will bring it to reputable service line to have thier vehicle repaired. Put this perspective for you Apple iPad computer product and that will not go wrong.

Why do Apple iPad customers alway come to us for thier Apple Computer Repair?

4 Simple reasons:

(i) For over 10 years, Technofied vision Pte Ltd has proven itself again and again for providing the highest quality of services in the Apple computer repair service segment. We have consistently deliver promises to our customers and many times surpassing thier expectation for any given Apple computer products. Today we have the technical know-how in repairing some of the latest Apple products, such as Apple iPad computer

(ii) Strong brand name in the Apple Computer Repair Business segment, we have been significantly recognised in the IT industry and is know both internationally and locally (Singapore). Now we know why every IT vendors are actively attempting to copy us!

(iii) Reasonable and fair pricing for any given Apple computer repair job the company's undertake. Please feel free to contact us for more details if you need more information about the repair of your Apple iPad computer and we assure you of having your system repaired at a reasonable pricing.

(iv) True dedicated facilities catered to service Apple computer products, including our new Apple iPad work areas. Customers are generally impress by our dedication of providing extreme high quality services and care for thier products.

Our Broad Range of Apple Macbook or Imac repair services include:

Apple Logic Board Repair | Replacement
Apple Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard Operating System Troubleshooting
Apple Macbook | iMac | Macbook Pro | iPad hardware repair
- Apple hardware upgrade |
Processor | Memory | Hard Disk
Apple broken LCD Panel Replacement Service
Apple superdrive replacement, repair (DVD drive, DVD super-drive)
Apple Airport wireless repair

- Apple unibody glass replacement

One more thing to note: Many IT vendors are taking you Apple computer, especially Apple iPad to learn how to repair when they do not have the competency. You are putting your Apple iPad computer at risk of complete right off. So please do take extra precaution when you are shopping for apple repair services.

This is because we have receive many Apple computers that were previously damaged by other IT vendors during thier processes of repairing. So please don't risk yourself with a damaged apple because at that stage we cannot promise to recover your system.

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These services and solutions are subdivided into these following categories:

  • Apple macbook / imac Logic Board repair | replacement service
  • Apple Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard Operating system troubleshooting
  • Apple Macbook | iMac hardware upgrading (Processor, Memory, Hard Disk)
  • Apple broken LCD panel replacement service
  • Apple superdrive replacement (DVD drive, DVD super-drive)
  • Apple in Business work place consultancy
  • Apple Business IT Security Solution

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