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Express On-Site Computer Repair Services at your doorsteps - Singapore Islandwide Services

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Technofied Vision Pte Ltd provides professional Computer Repair Services for Individual, SOHO, SME, and Institutional Companies in Singapore and Internationally - Our full fledge contemporary Computer Repair Facility employs professionally trained IT Specialist, and acquiring state of the arts Computer Repair and Rework technologies - You are assure of only the best Computer Repair & Support Services in Singapore. Your computer will be repaired within the shortest lead time and achieving maximum customer service satisfaction! Call us Today at (65) 6742-0877 for Computer Repair Services in Singapore.

Call us Today at (65) 6742-0877 for Computer Repair Services in Singapore


"We had a major computer breakdown in our vessel, and they got our computers fixed within the same day and we manage to depart the port in time" - LNG Tanker (2012)


Compelling Reasons for Choosing our Computer Support Services

Technofied Vision Pte Ltd is here for over a decade, and we are industry first to fully support and repair complete range of Computer Related Problems! We are consistently updating our IT knowledge base and technical know-how, this is to ensure even the most technically challenging Computers problems can be fixed by us! You are assure of only the best IT Support Services with us and your computer repaired by IT Specialists that really know thier work!

Getting a computer fixed within the shortest lead time and achieving maximum service satisfaction is important element of our business, and our dedicated team of IT Engineers, Computer Technicians and IT Specialists are professionally trained, and they are passionate about delivering world class IT Support Services to you!

We use only Geniune Parts for Best Performance and Reliability

Nothing explains better than trying out the actual services provide by us, so Call us Today at (65) 6742-0877 for Computer Repair Services in Singapore


Comprehensive Range of Computer Support Services:


Computer Hardware Repair Services - Laptops Computers, Desktop PC, Tablets Computers Repairs with Geniune Spare Parts avaliable; Hard Drive Replacement, Motherboard Repair, LCD Screen Replacement, Optical Drive Repair, System Power Related Problem and many more....


Software Installation / Configuration and Troubleshooting - Troubleshoot Windows Operating Crashes, Virus / Worms / Trojan Removal, Computer Slow Performance, System Keep Restarting and many more....


Computer Network Troubleshooting & Support Services - Comprehensive Network Supports for your Local Area Network (LAN), WIFI Network, Mobile 3G Network, Internet Connection ADSL, Optical Fibre, Cable Modem. Managed Router and Switch Installation and Configuration.


Professional Data Recovery Services - Recover data from failed Hard Drives, Memory Card, Mobile Phones with almost 100% Chance of getting back your data.




Printer Installation and Configuration

Server Administration and Maintenance


Who Use our IT Support Services


Computer Repair Services for all Brand and Made (including and not limited to the following) Acer Computer Repair | Apple Macbook Pro Computer Repair | Compaq Computer Repair | Dell Computer Repair | Fujitsu Computer Repair | Gateway Computer Repair | Hitachi Computer Repair | HP Computer Repair | IBM Computer, Lenovo Computer Repair | NEC Computer Repair | Sharp Computer Repair | Sony Computer Repair | Toshiba Computer Repair | Alienware Computer Repair | All other Computer Repair Services - Singapore Islandwide



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