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Professional Data Recovery Services for
Desktop PC / Notebook / Apple Mac / Servers Hard Disk

Hard Disk Recovery | Recovery of USB ThumbDrive Data | Server Hard Disk Recovery


Have you lost all your data from hard drive failure? Our Data Recovery Services can retrieve all your lost data! Express data recovery - Singapore islandwide

Technofied Vision Pte Ltd is a professional data recovery service provider in singapore. We have advance data recovery equipments and human capital in place making us highly confident of performing data recovery projects on our clientele's critical data in a timely fashion and cost effecient manner, guranteeing customer outmost satisfaction!

The highest level of service quality achieved on past data recovery projects has made us being highly regarded in the IT industry and is unsurpass.

Who uses our data recovery services? Doctors from medical institutions, professional from financial institutions, marine and aerospace industries, private sectors and individuals.

"We processes wide array of knowledge in recovering data from most hard disk, making us valuable and rare"

data recovery service

Data Recovery Service offering includes:

* Data recovery service for Hard Drive on Desktop PC, Notebook & Server

* Data recovery services for Apple iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro

* Data recovery service for Portable Hard Drive and Flash Thumb Drive

* Data recovery on deleted hard drive - sabotage by employee

* Computer Forensic & Electronic Discovery services (e-discovery)

* Brand of Hard Drive do not matter - We perform data recovery on all brand of hard disk such as but not limited to Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung and Western Digital.

Very Important

Mishandling or negligient during a data recovery process could result in permanent damage to the disk medium, making it impossible to recover any data found from the storage medium. If the data is very critical to you, we would suggest you taking the medium to a data recovery specialist such as ourself. We have advance data recovery equipments and skilled employees to work on all data recovery jobs that arrive at our premises. Do not attempt to open up the hard disk as dust may scratch the disc surfaces.

How to go acquire our Data recovery services?

Data recovery from a damaged hard drive or medium require a whole lot of experiences and knowledge. Technofied Vision will initally examine your hard disk to determine if the disk is within our capability to work on or not.

The taking point is we will perform data recovery work on your hard drive or medium only if we are confident of doing so, such that your data will alway be secured when it is in our hand

Our services come first and pricing comes second

* Data recovery service provider charge a premium because they know recovering the data in your hard dirsk is crucial to you. Most vendors use psychological pricing as a strategy to sell thier data recovering services.

* Technofied Vision data recovery services are priced fairly. We will examine the cost of the data recovery process and afterwhich providing you an actual quote for the recovery work. We are pretty sure our quote would be priced at a cost most people could afford.

* We advise if your are doing a shopping for the a data recovery service provider, make sure you are not over quoted. Come to us if you are really in need of help to recover your data, we will help you up. Do not worry too much about cost.


Other IT Services we are providing:

Computer PC Repairs, System Upgrade & Integration, and Mission Critical Server & Networking Services. Laptop LCD replacement services and Apple Macbook and iMac repair services and Business IT Support Services

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Repair all brands of computers (PC repair, Notebook repair, Apple repair)



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Our Support Hotline allows you to describe the system fault to our Technical Support Officer so we can schedule a visit to your home or workplace winthin shortest time possible.


Data Recovery Services for all Brand of Hard Disk / Hard Drive - Hitachi Data Recovery Service, Seagate Data Recovery Service, Samsung Data Recovery Service, Western Digital Data Recovery Service.



"We accidentally deleted the entire microsoft outlook database and we know we need your data recovery service in recovering the databases quickly. We were so thankful you actually recovered all our them within 24hrs" - Mr Hans from switzerland

"I'm so happy that you have recovered my data that went missing from the hard drive for no apparent reason. Without your data recovery service, my 15yrs of hard work would have gone missing" - Medical professional

"Our workgroup server broke down and the entire Raid array data was not retrieveable. The Data recovery team was able to put together the drive and restored all my data flawlessly and efficiently within 2 working days. Very much appreciate of the work of you guys! Thank you!" - Mr Tan from an aviation company - May 2010


  Computer repair - Singapore Islandwide 24hrs

These services and solutions are subdivided into these following categories:

  • Removal of Viruses, Trojan, Spy wares and Ad wares
  • Windows Operating System troubleshooting
  • Internet connectivity / Network problems
  • Data Backup & Hard disk Disaster recovery
  • Systems Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Desktop & Notebook upgrading services
  • Business IT Security Solution

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