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Professional Mobile Phone Repair Services in Singapore

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Repair Major Brand of Mobile Phones -

Our team of highly competent and dedicated Mobile Phone Repair engineers are capable of repairing mobile phone with any technical problem. Stocked with mobile phone replacement spare parts, Technofied Vision's mobile phone repair services are fast and most of the time on the spot repair, guaranteeing effortlessness in engaging our mobile phone repair services!

CALL (65) 6742-0877 for an appointment to repair your mobile phone today!

Our advance mobile phone diagnostic and rework equipment has enable us to repair and restore all mobile phone to life by us within the shortest possible time, guaranteeing outmost customer satisfaction with our mobile phone repair work!

The dedicated team of mobile phone repair specialists are professionally trained, coupled with our high level of technical know-how; one can be rest assured even the technically most advanced smart phone such as the Apple iPhone 4 Mobile Phone, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone, HTC Mobile Phone can be repaired by us!

Our years of experience in the mobile phone repair industry have gained us valuable insights to mobile phone repairs, and thus allowing us to support and repair the widest range of mobile phone brands in the market today! Brands of mobile phone we have experience in repairing includes: Repair of Apple iPhone 4, Repair of Apple iPhone 4S, Apple iPhone 5 Repair, Apple iPhone 5S Repair, Apple iPhone 5C Repair, Apple iPhone 6 Repair. Repair of Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Repair, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Repair HTC Mobile Phone, Repair BlackBerry Mobile Phone, Repair Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, Repair Nokia Mobile Phone. We also repair and troubleshoot mobile phone built on Andriod Operating System, Windows Mobile Operating System and Apple iOS Operating System.

YES! You found an experienced team of Mobile Phone Repair Specialists that can assist you in repairing any mobile phone faults that you are stumble upon!

Today, Technofied vision's services are highly valued by clienteles form Home, SOHO, SME and Enterprises. Those referred customers exceeding 70% of total customers base, can't be wrong!

"I dropped and broken my Apple iPhone 4S on three ocassions and I have gotten this company to fix a new replacement parts for me. All three ocassions, I was able to get it back in less than 30mins... Superb!!!"


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