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Date: 20-Jun-2011


There are a lot of companies and individual(freelance) who are actively copying contents from our website. The management are generally displease with the wrong doing of such companies and individuals and is taking serious view about the breach of Intellectual property that is protected until the law of the respective countries.

Technofied Vision Pte Ltd we will not hestitate to take necessarry action against you that you do not copy any material own by our business for your own benefits. Copying does not make you a better company.

If you are reading this and is guilty of your wrong doing, please stop now and we demand you will delete all content that you have copied from our website. It is never too late to realise than regret when we take necessary legal action against you.

You wouldn't want to end yourself apologizing to the public infront of the mass media. Copying of intellectual content is a CRIMINAL OFFENCES in Singapore and you wouldn't want yourself being seen as a CRIMINAL. So please stop copying.

The management knows who you are and has already taken action against some of these IT vendors. (Legal action in any forms that deem necessary)

As soon as we have the approval from our Legal Council, we will publish some of these copycat IT vendor on our website, so this is to assist prospects seeking for IT services to know who are providing real geniune IT services and those merely copying without any true capability.

2 December 2010

The Legal Jurisdiction has us in favour and we have sucessfully taken down Companies and thier Copied Websites. For content copycats, I'm sure you are aware of the recent consequences.

Guilty of it? You will be the NEXT ONE which we are pretty sure!

Group's Legal Counsel
Technofied Vision Pte Ltd

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These services and solutions are subdivided into these following categories:

  • Removal of Viruses, Trojan, Spy wares and Ad wares
  • Windows Operating System troubleshooting
  • Internet connectivity / Network problems
  • Data Backup & Hard disk Disaster recovery
  • Systems Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Desktop & Notebook upgrading services
  • Business IT Security Solution

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