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Marine Electronic Repair and Hardware Support

Today’s advance marine equipment(s) are embedding many critical functions essential for proper vessels operation, and we understand system electronic failure is inevitable at times – Getting your marine equipment repaired quickly and effectively is paramount before your next ship departure.

At Technofied Vision Pte Ltd, we have protocols and procedures for marine equipment repair that are designed to ensure that your equipment maintenance issues are resolved quickly, and facilities agent will be promptly notified as to the status of repairs in their respective departments.

Our Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of electronic devices are reputable and recognised across industries, both locally and internationally. We recognize that your marine equipment maintenance needs can change almost daily, and that’s why we’re flexible – We are constantly monitoring industry requirements closely and adjusting our resources to meet our clientele needs.

Extensive Network for Parts

Technofied Vision Pte Ltd has extensive business network with marine equipment vendors and third party sources, and hence almost all marine equipment can be quickly and effectively repair by us. Extremely fast turnaround time ensure your next peace of mind sailing.

  • Marine Electronic Repair & Support Services
  • Marine Electronic and Electrical Hardware
  • Vessels IT Support Services
  • Offshore IT Computer Repair
  • Marine Bridge Equipment
  • Marine Satellite & Radio Communication Systems
  • Navigational Equipment
  • Marine Communication Network and Satellite Infrastructure
  • Marine Equipment Dismantling & Inspection

We provide marine support for Cruise Ship | Oil Rig | Cargo Vessel | Luxury Yacht and all other marine vessels